25 Band Logos I Like

I can’t say I like all of these bands……but hey, I like the logos !

Band LogoZ

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9 Winnipeg Jets alternative logos I found on the Internet

jETS-6             jETS-5        jETS-4

by – Jacob Webster                      by – Johnny Griswold            by – foss

jETS-9             jETS-7           jETS-2

by – SyPhi Creations                   by – Derick Young                  by – Mike Ivall

jets-1             jETS-3           jETS-8

by –  Clinton Dyck                        by – Quentin Brehler             by – Jacob Webster

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Some New, Some Old T-Shirt Designs

Here are some one color and multi-color designs.  A couple might be a little off-putting and a couple might just be downright offensive.

one man scotch club





Nights Watch


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5 Fiction Authors I Like

irvine welsh

Irvine Welsh – Most recognized for the novel Trainspotting.  A little hard to read for non-Scots at first, as it is written in a raw Scottish dialect. Writes about sin and salvation in a grim, working class Scotland, sprinkled with a little black humour.

carl hiaassen

Carl Hiaasen – One of the few authors that can make me laugh out loud even when sitting alone.  His books are funny and entertaining. There is usually a mix of whacky characters that will take you for a wild ride.

stuart macbride

Stuart MacBride – Another Scottish writer most famous for his crime novels featuring Det. Sgt. Logan McRae, that are set in Aberdeen.  Always grim, dirty, smelly and pouring rain, he doesn’t do much to promote Scottish tourism.

greg iles

Greg Iles –  Has sold well over 10 million books world wide. He lives in Mississippi, where many of his novels are set.  Many of his books revolve around prosecutor Penn Cage , his family and the problems of living in the deep south,  stories of fathers and sons, racial tensions and violence.

iain banks

Iain Banks – Sadly passed away of cancer in June, 2013.  Also wrote science fiction novels as Iain M. Banks.  The Wasp Factory is the book that launched his career,  the story of a troubled 16 year old boy.

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5 Artists I Like

In no particular order, here are 5 artists i like and admire.


LeRoy Neiman – I think his paintings explode off the canvas. He uses very vivid colors and his style is so unique that you just know when you are looking at a  Neiman masterpiece.


Roger Dean – Probably most famous for his record album covers for the band Yes. Recognized for his fantasy style landscapes. Also did album covers for Uriah Heep, Asia, Budgie and Atomic Rooster among many, many more.


Scott Moore –  His paintings have an element of nostalgia and old-time illustration. He plays with scale in his work and fills it up with memorabilia that recreates a time gone by.


Salvador Dali – Is best known for his bizarre surrealist paintings that often were symbolic in nature. His painting “The Persistence of Memory”, with the melting clocks is arguably his most famous work.


Roman Swiderek –  Is a Winnipeg artist, born in Poland. He is my former employer and mentor, who taught me a lot about art and composition. He is best known for creating impressionistic scenes of Winnipeg landmarks.

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5 Other T-Shirts I Like

Here are 5 T-Shirt designs by other artists ….i have 4 of them …

imps      Fighting Imps    by   Winter Artwork

dude     The Dude Abides   by   Megan Lara

lifecomedic1     A Life Comedic   by   Harebrained

dixon2     Dixon Bros  by   Winter Artwork Drawsgood

target     The Perfect Target   by   Bamboota

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My Top 5 Robert De Niro Movies

Most Robert De Niro movies really suck the big one these days. I’m not sure if it’s his age, and quality films aren’t offered anymore, or does he just want the easy paycheck ? However, in his prime he was one of the best actors around and here are my five favorites.


#1 – The Deer Hunter – (1978) – Mike Vronsky – A movie about how war impacts and disrupts lives, not just for those who served;  but how it affects friends and family.  De Niro plays a guys’ guy;  likes hunting, shooting pool and drinking beer , but is  painfully shy around the girl he loves.  In Vietnam he takes control, trying to help his childhood buddies survive.  He received an Oscar nomination, but lost to Jon Voight (Coming Home).  The film won The Best Picture Award.

2-taxi driver

#2 – Taxi Driver – (1976) – Travis Bickle – A film about a man’s loneliness, isolation and alienation from the rest of society.  He is a man trying to find something to live for, when he is surrounded by all the scum, filth and sleaze. He finds redemption in Iris,  a child prostitute that he saves from those that would exploit her.  De Niro and Taxi Driver both received Oscar nods but lost out to Peter Finch (Network) and Rocky.


#3 – Raging Bull – (1980) – Jake La Motta – About the self-destructive life of real-life boxer Jake La Motta.  This film is also known for the physical transformation that De Niro went through to play this role. He had to work out and train in the ring so the first half of the movie could be shot…..then went on an eating binge to gain 60 lbs….so that he could play the older, down and out Jake.  De Niro did win the best actor that year, but the Best Picture went to Ordinary People.

5-king of comedy

#4 – The King of Comedy – (1982) – Rupert Pupkin – Probably the least well known film of my top 5.  A story about celebrity obsession and what someone would stoop to,  just to get on TV.  De Niro plays a loser schlep who lives with his mom and dreams of becoming a famous comedian. When auditioning doesn’t go his way he resorts to kidnapping a talk show host. In the end Rupert does achieve his fame.

3-godfather II

#5 – The Godfather  Part II – (1974) –  Vito Corleone – De Niro plays Vito as a young man who exacts his revenge and eventually becomes the Don.   He speaks almost no english in this film and lived in Sicily for months to learn the dialect.  De Niro won Best Supporting Actor and the movie won Best Picture.

Honorable Mentions go to;     Goodfellas     The Untouchables     Cape Fear      Casino    Angel Heart      Heat     Once Upon a Time in America



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Top 5 NHL Logos


#1 – Chicago Blackhawks – A beautifully executed logo !  Despite all the controversy over using native imagery in sports logos, this design stands strong and noble…..3-detroit

#2 – Detroit Red Wings – A classic that hasn’t really changed over the years. The logo has ties to the Motor City and it’s simplicity is  what makes it stand out …..


#3 – Pittsburgh Penguins – Old style looks great, much better than the corporate image that they used in the 90’s…..


#4 – Boston Bruins – The Bruins are on this list because they have been my favourite team since the days of Bobby Orr, Derek Sanderson and Johnny “Pie” McKenzie !  I do like the black and gold colors together….


#5 – Winnipeg Jets – Nostalgia, vintage…i like this older logo for the memories  it brings up. My hometown team have an updated logo that initially i didn’t like, but now it is growing on me…..

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Top 5 Graphic Novels

After years of collecting comics as a kid, i recently got back into it through my girlfriend`s son (hi Jake!)…..I now collect graphic novels. Here are my five favorites, in no particular order….


68 SCARS – Zombies and the Vietnam War….Excellent!!


JONAH HEX – Have enjoyed this character forever….


SCALPED – No superheroes, just a great story with complex characters and stylish artwork…


Y – THE LAST MAN – Cool story about the last surviving man in an all female world…


CROSSED – Not for the faint of heart….if you have a weak stomach don`t bother with this one !

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Welcome to my blog/Top 10 Album Covers

After months of farting around and trying to set up this blog, I think I have a handle on this now. This blog will show my paintings, artwork and t-shirt designs. I will also be giving my own bloody opinions on whatever I feel like through lists and that kind of thing. For example, here are some of my favourite album covers…


0898 – Beautiful South – Great artwork, like most of their album covers…but I decided to pick just one.


The Impossible Dream – The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Love the comic book style on this one.


Diamond Dogs – David Bowie – Always liked the surrealism of this one.


Darkness on the Edge of Town – Bruce Springsteen – Classic old-style cover.


Axe Victim – Be-Bop Deluxe – Wasn’t a big fan of this band when they first came out, but always loved the cover.


Got Guinness? – Dust Rhinos – A favourite local Winnipeg band, featuring Dez, the Toad in the Hole’s old bartender.


Hands Up – Two Dollar Pistols – Looove the way Tift Merritt fills out that sweater.


Stranded – Roxy Music – Had this album when I was a teenager. Every boy’s fantasy….


Puzzle – Biffy Clyro – I can’t say why I like this one, but I do.


School’s Out – Alice Cooper – Liked how this one opened up like a real school desk. It even had panties inside!

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