5 Fiction Authors I Like

irvine welsh

Irvine Welsh – Most recognized for the novel Trainspotting.  A little hard to read for non-Scots at first, as it is written in a raw Scottish dialect. Writes about sin and salvation in a grim, working class Scotland, sprinkled with a little black humour.

carl hiaassen

Carl Hiaasen – One of the few authors that can make me laugh out loud even when sitting alone.  His books are funny and entertaining. There is usually a mix of whacky characters that will take you for a wild ride.

stuart macbride

Stuart MacBride – Another Scottish writer most famous for his crime novels featuring Det. Sgt. Logan McRae, that are set in Aberdeen.  Always grim, dirty, smelly and pouring rain, he doesn’t do much to promote Scottish tourism.

greg iles

Greg Iles –  Has sold well over 10 million books world wide. He lives in Mississippi, where many of his novels are set.  Many of his books revolve around prosecutor Penn Cage , his family and the problems of living in the deep south,  stories of fathers and sons, racial tensions and violence.

iain banks

Iain Banks – Sadly passed away of cancer in June, 2013.  Also wrote science fiction novels as Iain M. Banks.  The Wasp Factory is the book that launched his career,  the story of a troubled 16 year old boy.

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